Deano's Goes Green

At Deano’s Automotive we believe in being an environmentally friendly auto repair shop – it’s easy to do and makes good sense. We are paying attention to how our actions (or inactions) affect the environment. Great attention is paid to swarm water being affected by cars leaking fluids, especially oil. We work to help our customers understand that letting their cars leak any fluids is just not ok. We help them understand efficiency and thing they can do to improve mileage. We have made many changes at Deano’s and continue to improve anywhere we can. Listed below are some changes we have made and we welcome any suggestions you may have.


Deano’s Automotive is proud to now offer chemical-free bioremediation for parts cleaning at our auto repair shop! Bioremediation is nature’s way of cleaning up. Technically, it is the accelerated breakdown of organic compounds through the use of enzymes, bacteria, or fungi. It’s a safe, environmentally-friendly way to handle many kinds of hazardous waste and is supported by the EPA as a viable solution for cleanup of oil spills and other contaminants. This almost completely eliminates the need for aerosol and chemical parts cleaners!

Deano’s Automotive not only recycles used oil, we use it as fuel to heat the shop using a 140,000 BTU EPA certified waste oil heater.

We recycle steel and miscellaneous auto parts from our auto repair shop. All coolant is recycled as well. We even use rechargeable batteries for our flashlights to cut down on hazardous waste being added to our landfills. All paper is recycled and re-purposed to minimize landfill impact as well.

The restroom in our auto repair shop is equipped with low-flow sinks and toilets, and we use only organic cleansers and soaps. Our reception area is lit with low-power florescent lights (only when necessary) and kept cool with natural air conditioning. Toner and printer inks are recycled or on refill programs, recycled paper products are purchased whenever available. Computers are kept in “power-saver” mode during office hours and are turned off completely whenever they are not in use. Local products and services are used whenever possible.

Our auto repair shop uses only washable and reusable rags, and our laundry service was chosen for its low energy/low water cleaning methods.

We are working to provide standardized information to educate customers on storm water damage due to oil leaks and air quality damage due to incorrect engine operation and defective smog devices. In addition, Deano’s Automotive is always happy to guide and advise customers on how to get the most fuel efficient performance out of their vehicle.